My Mental Health and Cancer – Episode 317

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Teirrah McNair

Published: June 4, 2022

Do you “MIND” if I talk about my “MENTAL” health with you?

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Show Notes:

This California-based pastor helps unpack the need for being prepared to react and respond to those in our community who may be dealing with mental health struggles.

As a cancer patient currently in treatment, Teirrah opens up about her family history with mental health challenges and how as a child growing up, she had unanswered questions.

“There was no real help or discussion around [mental health],” she says. “So, [I wondered] what does that mean about me?”

Press play now to listen to this candid discussion from an energized community faith leader and cancer patient who talks about addressing one of the prevalent health care challenges of our day.


  • “We’ve got to begin to create safe space, safe places for people to be able to unwind and address the subject of their personal wellness, their personal thoughts, and those feelings that they are keeping secret.”
  • “[As people of faith] I believe that therapy can be a great help.”

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