Why Wouldn’t We Talk About Cancer – Episode 318

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Dawn Rae and Steve Hiller

Published: June 11, 2022

Using our radio platform to discuss cancer and faith.

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Show Notes:

While attending the National Religious Broadcasters conference in Nashville, Tenn., show host Rev. Percy McCray was joined by nationally syndicated Moody Bible Radio show cohosts Dawn Rae and Steve Hiller to discuss why they allow time for Rev. McCray each month to speak to the subject of cancer.

“Why would we not do this [discuss cancer related topics],” Hiller tells Rev. McCray.

Rae concurs. “I would think that it is a no-brainer, because so many families, so many people are impacted by this diagnosis,” she says.

Considering the probability that many Americans will be impacted by cancer at some point in their lives, Hiller and Rae say that addressing important topics about cancer, ranging from fear of hair loss to multiple other questions and issues is simply the right thing to do.

Listen now to this radio show dynamic duo as they share their experiences and reflections about cancer.


  • “Every one of us knows someone, if not our own selves, that have had to deal with this [cancer].”
  • “It’s been an intimidating thing [to hear of someone with cancer]. I’ve been oftentimes afraid to say something.”
  • “I think people need a safe place to be able to think through some of these things [challenges due to cancer], to be encouraged.”

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