My Journey of Re-Evaluation of Self After Cancer – Episode 322

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Featuring: Mark Dreistadt

Published: July 9, 2022

Cancer will force you to be grounded in a greater truth.

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Show Notes:

Founder and CEO of the public relations firm Infinity Concepts and surviving prostate cancer patient, Mark Dreistadt sits back down with Rev. Percy McCray, and candidly opens up about some of the mental, emotional and physical challenges he has had to work through with his cancer journey.

“There’s all of this reprocessing and reprogramming that needs to go on in order to understand that, though some functionality has changed, there’s a new normal now,” Mark says.

He adds that having prostate cancer “is a hit to your manhood.”

Listen now to this amazingly honest reflection.

“As I look back over the last two plus years, this has really been quite a journey for me,” Mark says. “I feel like I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m so thankful because of the healing power of God. I’m celebrating well.”


  • “Personally, I had to go through a lot of physical and mental adjustments.”
  • “I’d have one of those days, sure. When it just hits the wall, and I’d just sit there thinking, who am I?”
  • “Despite there is a new normal, I am still who I am.”

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