Cancer Gave Me New Perspective – Episode 323

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Corby Naylor

Published: July 16, 2022

Cancer helped me notice the incredible blessings all around me.

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Show Notes:

Entering the virtual HHI studio with host Rev. Percy McCray is Corby Naylor, mother, elementary school principal, and wife of an Air Force pilot, who received treatment for triple negative breast cancer in 2019 at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Phoenix, completing her treatment in 2020.

Naylor, who had surgery and received chemotherapy, is now clinically listed as having no evidence of disease. She shares insights of her epiphany while on her cancer journey that recalibrated her. You may be surprised to hear her say, when asked, would she go through cancer again if given the choice? Corby emphatically responds, “We don’t notice these incredible blessings that are all around us; cancer gave that to me. It’s given me some perspective on things that I think everybody else doesn’t always have.”

Push play now to hear this incredible cancer fighter’s story and the outpouring of love shown to her from her community when they celebrated her completion of cancer treatments in grand style.


  • “Now I get to see and notice things and appreciate beauty; simple things that we walk past all the time, because we’ve gotten so busy in our lives.”
  • “I know now that cancer did not happen to me. It was given to me as a blessing by God.”
  • “I wish everyone could have that perspective and that lens without having to go through what I went through.”

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