Immunotherapy Was My Plan “B” – Episode 324

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Featuring: Corby Naylor

Published: July 23, 2022

Immunotherapy, the 21st century way of fighting cancer.

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Show Notes:

40-year law enforcement officer David Clark spends some time with host Rev. Percy McCray to discuss his journey with stage III lung cancer. Officer Clark, diagnosed in November 2017, was treated at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Chicago, and completed his active treatment February 2019, and as of today, his clinical status is listed as no evidence of disease.

David provides thoughts and feelings upon receiving his original notification of being diagnosed with cancer. “I actually got a ding in my chart that my recent CT scan was back, and I saw carcinoma, and cancerous lymph node involvement. I was stunned.”

After experiencing some limited success with his early chemo and radiation treatments, David, who regularly drove from Ohio to Illinois to receive treatment, felt excited when offered immunotherapy as a plan “B.” “I was absolutely thrilled with immunotherapy, and I had to do that every 14 days for a whole year. At the end of that year, there were no more malignant lymph nodes in my chest.”

Hear now from this grateful cancer patient who reflectively states, “I never skipped a beat. And I just think that [my] faith, [my] doctors and everybody, all formed into one, and you just gotta have confidence.”


  • “[After hearing cancer diagnosis] It was like I was drowning in an ocean.”
  • “I won’t sugarcoat it, cancer is a very dangerous disease, but they have so many different ways of applying [treatments] for the different types of cancers that I’ve discovered.”
  • “In this journey, I realized that cancer is no longer a death sentence in this day and age.”

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