How Much Info Should I Share About My Cancer? – Episode 330

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray

Published: September 3, 2022

You need to be thoughtful in sharing your cancer journey.

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Show Notes:

Many cancer patients awkwardly fumble with whom and how much information they should communicate regarding having this disease. Show host and former cancer patient Rev. Percy McCray provides practical schools of thought in communicating one’s cancer diagnosis and journey with loved ones and their community at large.

One of the key emotional struggles for many cancer patients is loss of control over areas in their life.

Push play now to listen to important tactical recommendations offered in this discussion to help provide individuals with a sense of control over their health care information, while creating a road map for thoughtful information management and disbursement that everyone, including the patient, will benefit from.


  • “Everyone does not need to know everything.”
  • “Identify who’s in your inner circle.”
  • “Most people do not have the benefit of preparation regarding being diagnosed with cancer.”

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