Ways to Encourage Yourself While on a Cancer Journey – Episode 332

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Featuring: Sonja Sulcer

Published: September 17, 2022

How to spiritually change the negative into a positive.

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Show Notes:

Returning back to the HHI microphone is breast cancer patient, ministry leader and author, Sonja Sulcer. This Guyana native, who now lives in Virginia, discusses what she did while undergoing her medical treatment for breast cancer to offset the mental and emotional impact of hearing certain cancer terminology that in many cases overwhelmed her with fear.

For many people of faith, biblical principles can be a source of hope and support during moments of despair or challenge. Desiring not to have her spiritual affirmations overshadowed, Sonja was motivated to write an acrostic-style journal entitled I Am More Than a Conqueror to help combat any disempowering cancer-related language with bibliocentric themes. She states, “I would hear a lot of negative things about chemo.” She goes on to say, “A cancer diagnosis, treatment, and drugs can speak to us louder than God’s word if we allow it.”

Acrostic-style writing is a composition in which the first letter (or syllable, or word) of each line (or paragraph, or other recurring feature in the text) spells out a different word. For this amazing woman of faith, this reframing of uncomfortable words enabled her to boldly continue her medical regime, while still feeling empowered through her faith. Listen now to this empowered believer’s strategy of how she was able to accept, engage, and endure her medical treatment, while never compromising her spiritual faith beliefs for health and wellness.


  • “I remember the first day when I went to meet with my doctor, I was handed a pamphlet. The pamphlet called out the negative side effects.”
  • “[There are] all sorts of things that would drive fear in you. But the acrostics do not. The acrostics reframe what God says [about you].”
  • “When I wrote [a hair loss acrostic], I felt at peace, I’m comfortable with my hair. I’m actually looking for a modeling contract. Cause I think I look so good.”

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