Prayer Tips During a Cancer Journey – Episode 333

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Rev. Ty’Ann Brown

Published: September 24, 2022

Some days prayer may be the only thing you can do.

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Show Notes:

Joining host Rev. Percy McCray is Vice President of Ministries at Guideposts, Rev. Ty’Ann Brown. Rev. Ty’Ann is the voice and face of the Guideposts online videos series Keep the Faith.

Rev. Brown who was once diagnosed with a nonmalignant tumor, knows and understands the mental and emotional disruption of having to sit across from the doctor’s desk to engage in scary clinical diagnostic discussions.

Cancer free and highly inspired, this dynamic faith leader discusses with Rev. McCray the power of prayer and effective “Prayer Tips” to be utilized that may help one navigate the winding and uncertain path of a health care journey.

This native New Yorker’s ministry travels have taken her abroad to multiple foreign countries as she focuses on strengthening the faith community to reach their greatest spiritual and personal potential. Rev. Ty’Ann fosters spiritual wellness through faith, hope and prayer.

Sit back now and be encouraged by this spiritual leader as she offers recommendations to anyone who desires to utilize prayer as a “support mechanism” while confronting sickness and disease.


  • “For me, it [being diagnosed with a tumor] was extremely scary because to me at the time tumor meant cancer …”
  • “As a faith leader, [having a tumor] challenged my faith …”
  • “[Regarding how to pray] the personal relationship that you have with God and how you communicate with God is sufficient enough when it is in sincerity, when it is from the heart, when it is seeking God.”

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