I Turned My Cancer into My Purpose – Episode 336

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Featuring: Robbie Robinson

Published: October 15, 2022

Supporting cancer patients today made my journey worth it.

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Show Notes:

Getting behind the HHI microphone again is super cancer advocate Robbie Robinson. Robbie is celebrating his twentieth year as a cancer survivor, thriver, and advocate. Robbie, who has beaten stage II non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer, shares his passion, power, and purpose behind why he is driven to serve the cancer community with unwavering fervor.

Robbie shares his worldview regarding how one can approach living a life of gratitude and service to one’s fellow man, as he states, “If it is all about me, I’m never completely satisfied or never full. But if I do something for somebody else, because of my efforts, then I’m successful at what I’m doing because it benefited somebody other than just me.”

Push play now and listen to this tireless cancer advocate who feels compelled to go as hard and long as he can in being a difference maker. “I personally make sure that I never forget that sense of urgency that we feel when we’re first told we have cancer. And I don’t ever wanna forget how that person who’s actively fighting cancer feels. I live for the day where they go, ‘Rob, you don’t have to come in today. We found a cure.’”


  • “I never had this great epiphany. Once I got cancer, I was blessed to always pretty much be aware of what my blessings were.”
  • “What it [cancer] did teach me was to slow down, to not forget those things that are important in life, to quit stepping over all the opportunities to do good that God throws in front of us because we’re too busy.”
  • “I used to say I’d love to do more for God, but I’m just so busy with life. And He said [after having cancer], ‘Well here now, you got time.’”

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