Finding Peace in the Midst of a Cancer Diagnosis – Episode 338

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Featuring: Rev. Ty’Ann Brown

Published: October 29, 2022

The pursuit of peace while in a storm.

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Show Notes:

Guideposts’ Vice President of Ministries Rev. Ty’Ann Brown returns to the HHI virtual studio to provide listeners with a discussion regarding finding peace while in unsettling times. Rev. Brown, who has ministered nationally and abroad, and who has had her own health care challenges with being diagnosed with a nonmalignant tumor, shares with the cancer community her personal and passionate ecclesiastical learnings of how to pursue peace.

She helps the listener to understand what godly peace is as well as what may cause one not to be at peace with God.

Listen now as this spiritual leader provides several key insights into finding peace while battling cancer, including understanding that “peace is not the absence of pain.”


  • “I was diagnosed with a tumor, and it was very scary in that I was challenged with doubt and challenged with believing God and who He is in my life.”
  • “My peace was very much challenged, especially when you are still in the process of God bringing you through something and you not knowing the full outcome.”
  • “I want to believe that everything’s going to be okay, but will it?”

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