Is Cancer Re-Evaluation Anxiety Real? Part 1 – Episode 339

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Featuring: Percy and Anita McCray

Published: November 5, 2022

Do you dread returning to see your doctor?

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Show Notes:

Show host and colorectal cancer patient Rev. Percy McCray is joined by his wife and caregiver Anita to address part 1 of a two-series topic that is not widely discussed among many, which is cancer re-evaluation anxiety!

The thrust of this conversation attempts to destigmatize what many may feel and experience, when they must return to their oncologist for follow-up medical exams and scans, particularly in the faith community!

Rev. Percy and Anita candidly share some of their anxiety, drawing upon reflections while preparing to return for his last oncology reassessment visit. “I was unaware that I was displaying signs of anxiety until I overheard you [his wife] while in conversation with someone else express that I did!”

Listen now to this very important conversation to spark awareness around what many cancer patients and their caregivers may be feeling but not addressing.


  • Percy: “I was not really conscious of that [being anxious about my upcoming doctor’s visit], quite frankly.”
  • Anita: “I can honestly say that, yes, I did have … [anxiety]. It was a mental heaviness.”
  • “[Many cancer patients have said,] Yeah. I think about it, all the time. And particularly before it’s time for me to go back, for my next reevaluation.”