Is Cancer Re-Evaluation Anxiety Real? Part 2 – Episode 340

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Featuring: Percy and Anita McCray

Published: November 12, 2022

Do you dread returning to see your doctor?

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Show Notes:

Returning behind the microphone is show host Rev. Percy McCray and his lovely wife Anita to continue the conversation about anxiety of follow-up visits with one’s doctor and cancer recurrence. In part 1 of this discussion, the McCrays pulled back the curtain of their personal lives to candidly discuss their own inherent anxieties regarding Rev. Percy’s last hospital follow-up appointment with his oncologist and GI doctor.

This episode will provide clinical research data that unpacks this phenomenon more deeply from a clinical point of view and will offer recommendations of how to possibly support and address one’s experience with anxiety as it relates to the cancer experience. The goal for this discussion is to provide pathways forward for anyone who may be dealing with or may even be crippled by anxieties associated with being a cancer patient or caregiver.

Click play now to be further informed about cancer follow-up visits and recurrence anxiety. You and someone you love will be glad you did!


  • “I don’t know what level of anxiety we would rate that we were experiencing, but we were experiencing some element and aspect of anxiety.”
  • “Cancer-related distress for survivors includes concerns about family, finances, changes in body image and sexuality.”
  • “We don’t want to ignore this dynamic [anxiety]. It can be a very real scenario for us that are in the cancer community.”
  • “One of the things that happens with the conversation of cancer is that we have been historically conditioned not to talk about this and to keep it silent.”