What Kind of Woman Am I if I Lose My Breast and Hair? – Episode 347

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Featuring: Sonia Ray

Published: December 31, 2022

Only the Creator can define His creation.

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Show Notes:

Show host Rev. Percy McCray sits down with two-time breast cancer patient Sonia Ray who treated at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Atlanta. Diagnosed originally in 2011, she had a reoccurrence in 2018, but at the time of this recording, Sonia is no longer actively treating for her cancer as she has no evidence of disease.

This spirited and motivated cancer patient has also helped launch a non-for-profit organization with other breast cancer survivors to support women with cancer in her community.

Push play now to hear Ray candidly discuss having to come to terms with body image changes due to her cancer journey: “I had to find my identity, because sadly in our society nowadays, is so sexually driven, so visually driven with all the social media and everything that’s going on. I found myself looking in the mirror, bald and breastless, after having my hair down to my waist. Again, as a young woman at the age of 34, it was hard!”


  • “We know our bodies. And if our body is telling us something, we need to be our own best advocate.”
  • “I would look in the mirror and I didn’t recognize the woman I saw.”

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