My 9-Point Cancer Survival Plan – Episode 348

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Keith Guernsey

Published: January 7, 2023

Having a plan for cancer survival could make a difference.

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Show Notes:

Cancer survivor Keith Guernsey provides his cancer survival plan that has allowed him not only to survive, but to thrive during multiple health care challenges.

Keith’s energy is infectious and refreshing and his positive attitude is no doubt one of his superpowers.

Listen to how Keith empowers himself to pursue health, healing and wholeness.


  • “I’d been a bachelor for 17 years and had fallen in some very, very bad habits, and she (my now wife) said, “You do know what the four food groups are, don’t you?” I said, “Of course I do: pizza, Chinese food, Ben & Jerry’s, and Bud Light.”
  • “When I first walked into the clinic about four years ago, one of the young ladies that I talked to in finance said, ‘I really admire your positive attitude. You’re going to do well here.’”

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