I dug in my heels to fight cancer – Episode 349

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Karla Baptiste

Published: January 14, 2023

One life to live, many lives to touch.

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Show Notes:

After successfully completing her education in Paris, Karla Baptiste moved back to the San Francisco Bay area to begin her promising career.

But, a few months later, she developed a rash on her breast and would later discover a lump. Karla was 34 when she was diagnosed with stage IIIA breast cancer and would eventually seek treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Chicago.

Karla describes how she has faced her cancer journey with an unrelenting disposition in her book Dig in Your Heels. Listen to this incredible cancer fighter, who has been featured on NBC’s Today show, encouraging women everywhere not to give up fighting the good fight.


  • “The radiologist came in and told me she thought there was something suspicious in my breast. And so that’s when I knew. It was like, ‘Okay, this doesn’t sound good.’”
  • “If you’re too busy living, you have no time to die.”

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