Cancer and the Hispanic community – Episode 352

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Featuring: Sonia Ray

Published: February 4, 2023

The darkest time of my life was the trampoline that propelled me into my destiny.

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Show Notes:

Breast cancer patient Sonia Ray discusses cultural insights regarding the Hispanic community’s response and reaction to cancer and access to the health care system.

Sonia, who currently has no evidence of disease, experienced the rigors of cancer treatments and body image challenges that often accompany them. She feels fortunate, blessed, and empowered to help other women with cancer, including other Latinas, who may be dealing with language barriers and often may be too proud to ask for medical assistance.


  • “As Hispanics, we need to have a change of mind and say it’s okay to access resources.”
  • “I just think it’s really time for us culturally to get out of our comfort zone.”
  • “I call patients to just encourage them, if there is a Hispanic lady on the other side of the line that I can switch immediately to Spanish and I can communicate clearly with her in her own terms.”

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