I prayed but I also sought medical treatment – Episode 353

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Featuring: Barbetta Neil

Published: February 11, 2023

I never thought I would get cancer.

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Show Notes:

Getting behind the microphone is Gospel singer Barbetta Neil, who was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer in 2005. Barbetta, who received chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery, candidly discusses coming to terms with a new body image that challenged her emotionally and psychologically.

“I remember when I got home after the surgery and was able to shower and actually look at myself,” she says. “Wow. It was eye opening. It took me back a little bit because this is not the same person I remember seeing just a few days ago.”

Barbetta also shares her reflections on potential stressors on a marriage that may occur due to body image changes.

Push play now to hear from this powerful cancer survivor, who believes that we all go through things to help to empower others in their time of need.


  • “It’s a whole-body thing with the loss of hair, and everything from the chemo as well as the reconstruction to the breast.”
  • “You have to really dig deep. You have to really find yourself within yourself and pull yourself back up.”

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