My years after cancer care ministry – Episode 355

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Featuring: Rev. Michael A. Langham

Published: February 25, 2023

I faithfully served as hospital chaplain until God moved me to the pastorate.

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Show Notes:

Returning to the HHI microphone is former Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital chaplain, Rev. Michael A. Langham, who, after 20 years of service as a Director of Pastoral Care, discusses his transition from cancer care ministry to full-time congregational pastor of a local church and how hospital ministry aided in that transition.

“Ministry to cancer patients humbled me and I got to see faith and grace in action,” he says. “I had never seen that before.

“Coming out of seminary, I was full of all this book knowledge and couldn’t wait to lay it on somebody,” he adds. “But I got into chaplaincy and cancer care ministry and realized that was just book knowledge. Now I was in the real world and had to deal with real people and real issues.”

Hit the play button now to hear this faith leader and trailblazer discuss what he took from his hospital bedside ministry to his role as spiritual leader of the local church, and his perspective of the church’s disposition pertaining to faith, healing, sickness, and disease.


  • “God is in control, and we need to realize that we don’t have that power to heal someone. Only God does.”
  • “I’m going to pray for healing, and I’m going to be praying while I’m on the phone calling to make my appointment.”

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