Miracles Are Not God’s Best – Episode 358

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Rev. Angela Pewett

Published: March 18, 2023

I may be a miracle, but I’m not anyone special.

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Show Notes:

Entering the HHI studio is fellow podcaster Rev. Angela Pewett, who discusses the theology behind the prospects of miracles and healing in a health care setting.

Rev. Pewett, a longtime friend of show host Rev. Percy McCray, offers perspective about her health care journey after surviving emergency brain surgery for an aneurysm. Pewett’s mother passed away from an aneurysm and her mother-in-law succumbed to cancer. She shares her perspective of viewing the medical community and its practitioners as a type of miracle and gifts from God for the benefit of all.

Push play now and listen to this compelling discussion that will give you reason to review your predisposed opinions on miracles.


  • “I think that for me, I struggle with it [being seen as a miracle] because, being in the church, because people like to put titles on you to associate you or to make you stand out. And I just never wanted people to feel like I prayed more than they did, or I did something different than they did.”
  • “I realized later that all of that [brain surgery] really did work for my good because it changed my mind. It took me from knowing to believing.”
  • “We have to really understand too that the miracle could be the doctor He [God] sent.”

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