Can I Tell You a Little Story? – Episode 360

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Featuring: Yolanda Perry

Published: April 1, 2023

Since I survived cancer, it’s become my mission to help others.

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Show Notes:

Returning to the HHI microphone is cancer survivor Yolanda Perry, author of the book Save the Girls: Cancer Became a Victim of My Praise, as well as an accompanying workbook that allows readers to reflect deeper into their thoughts and their own cancer experience.

When doctors told Perry she had cancer, she instinctively believed that her spirituality and good medical care would allow her to live to tell her story and to assist others who have heard the words: “You have cancer.”

You’ll want to hear this mother and cancer survivor’s amazing testimony of purpose and survival.


  • “Me and my doctor would always have prayer whenever I would come in for my appointment.”
  • “I was very strategic in how I wanted to share [having cancer].”
  • “I sat up in my bed and said to myself, ‘I am not in denial. I know I have cancer, but yet I believe God for His will to be done.’”

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