Don’t Hesitate to Meditate – Episode 364

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd

Published: April 29, 2023

Do you ever think about what you think about?

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Show Notes:

Show host Rev. Percy McCray discusses the potential health care benefits of meditation, which has now become a pop-culture staple among those turning inward for mental, emotional, and spiritual coping from their day-to-day stress and anxiety.

Citing clinical studies and research, Pastor “P” presents practical thoughts to consider for the use of meditation for anything from pain management to helping one sleep.

Listen now and learn why using this ancient form of mindfulness may be just what you need to navigate through a hard day in your life.


  • “Depending on one’s cultural, ethnic, and religious orientation, meditation may take on various different forms and practices.”
  • “Meditation can be a tool that one can moderate as needed and desired.”

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