Cancer was Double Trouble – Episode 366

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Featuring: Aleta and Alicia Sayas

Published: May 13, 2023

We’ve shared everything together, including having cancer.

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Show Notes:

In all my years of supporting cancer patients and their caregivers, this was the first time I had heard of twin siblings—in this case Aleta and Alicia Sayas—being diagnosed with the disease nearly at the same time.

Aleta was first to be diagnosed with breast cancer after receiving a clear mammogram two months earlier. Her sister Alicia received a similar diagnosis just a few weeks later. The sisters have a family history of cancer that eventually took the life of their mom at 32 and older sister, who was in her 50s.

The unique and compelling story of the Sayas sisters reminds us of the pervasive and indiscriminate nature of the disease of cancer.

Hit play now and listen to these dynamic twin sisters as they encourage, educate, and inspire you, while they simultaneously fight the good fight against cancer together.


  • Aleta: “Alicia and I are guilty; we try to play superwoman. So, once you’re diagnosed, I would advise you not to play superwoman because I’m telling you, you need the emotional support.”
  • Alicia: “I was like, ‘Let me go ahead and just check [self-breast exam]. And what do you know? I found the lump.’”
  • Aleta: “He [my surgeon] made it very, very clear, had I not come in when I did, it [the cancer] would’ve gone to a different stage because, mind you, it was aggressive.”

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