You Must Be Your Own Health Care Advocate – Episode 367

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Alicia Sayas

Published: May 20, 2023

My sister had cancer first, which gave me time to process when I was diagnosed.

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Show Notes:

Twin sister Alicia Sayas returns to the HHI microphone to unpack her individual cancer journey perspective. I was immediately struck by the fact that Alicia’s focus and determination was heavily driven by three factors: feeling empowered to seek a second opinion to help ensure receiving quality medical care, significant emotional support, and an intrinsic belief that God allows things to happen in one’s life for a greater purpose.

While still actively treating for her disease, along with her twin sister Aleta, Alicia is extremely hopeful for a successful outcome.

Listen now to this compelling story of hope and be encouraged, as I was, by this amazing cancer fighter.


  • “No one wants to be in this situation.”
  • “Once you’re diagnosed, I would advise you not to play superwoman; you need the emotional support. I have a psychologist and a regular therapist.”
  • “I would say, join a support group.”

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