The Privilege of Working with a Global Change Agent – Episode 370

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Keith Shoates

Published: June 10, 2023

What happens when one is touched by the feeling of others’ infirmities?

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Show Notes:

We often hear the refrain in the public square, why isn’t someone doing something about our current community crisis? After having spent more than two hours in a late-night conversation with Keith Shoates, it was obvious that this articulate and highly astute thought leader understands the assignment and responsibility of being a good global citizen. How do we, as a collective, help elevate the human spirit of others?

Working very closely with Robert Smith, one of the nation’s most influential African American philanthropists, Keith is engaging and knowledgeable on many topics. Having been impacted by cancer among his own family members, including his wife, Keith is very much invested in the need for removing barriers to cancer education and awareness.

During an enlightening conversation, we discussed the ongoing challenges of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment disparities among men of color and what the Prostate Cancer Foundation Task Force, with which he is affiliated, is doing about it.

Push play now to hear from a leader who is empowered to be a person of agency and action.


  • “I’ve been blessed. Most people don’t get to live out their purpose, but I get to live out my purpose every day.”
  • “There were also issues of how we detect it early because if you can detect prostate cancer early, there’s a 99 percent probability that you’ll live at least five years beyond.”
  • “The intent is to go across the country and increase the awareness and education and screening in particular locations, tens of thousands across the United States.”

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