Laughter Is My Therapy – Episode 371

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Zakiyyah Claybron

Published: June 17, 2023

I always turn bad things to positive.

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Show Notes:

Right away I knew my conversation with Zakiyyah Claybron was going to be different. Her initial hello was accompanied with streams of joyous laughter. However, Claybron’s introduction to cancer was no laughing matter.

“The doctor came in joking after returning from vacation and said, ‘You should be fine. Let me go out [check your medical records],’” she says. “You could tell when he came back, the whole mood had changed. It wasn’t, ‘Let me peel your Band-Aid off.’” It was, ‘I’m sorry to tell you, you have cancer.’”

At the time of this recording, Zakiyyah has no evidence of disease and is laughing and rejoicing in victory.

Push play to hear how this cancer fighter approached the fight of her life in deciding that humor and laughter along with good clinical care was going to be part of her overall arsenal during her cancer journey.


  • “I just had to take a step back and process it because that was something big and major to process.”
  • “I had my moment to cry, but then it was like, I got something to do. It’s just another obstacle, another challenge to go over.”
  • “When stuff gets too heavy, I have to kind of break it up. God has always given me that spirit to have a positive outlook [during difficult times].”

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