My Childhood Sickness Planted a Seed for Spiritual Health Care Service – Episode 372

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Jonathan Stoner

Published: June 24, 2023

I’m meant to be among chaos and uncertainty of the suffering.

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Show Notes:

The son of parents from the mission field, Jonathan Stoner serves as one of five staff chaplains for the City of Hope Duarte cancer hospital. It was so abundantly clear to me from the first moments of my acquaintance and conversations with this compassionate spiritual support leader that he was destined to walk alongside the hurting and ailing among us.

Shaped by his own mission field experiences in East Africa, Hawaii, Ireland and Barcelona, Spain, not to mention his hospital stay with an early childhood illness, all his journeys proved to be precursors for his vocation of day-to-day, hands-on spiritual support, a service he feels privileged to provide to the cancer community every day.

Listen now and let this man’s spirit of love and humanity wash over you.


  • “I know that I’m meant to be a spiritual care provider.”
  • “My role to be a person who would bring peace, calm, and who would hopefully be Christ’s hands and feet in the midst of really scary situations.”
  • “I feel so fortunate to get to do something that is so meaningful and also feels like I’m tailor-made to do.”

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