How Nurses Impact a Cancer Journey – Episode 379

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Featuring: Amani Elghoroury

Published: August 12, 2023

Nurses can provide more than just your meds.

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Show Notes:

A meaningful health care experience often lies in the steady hands of a patient’s attending nurse. The attentive care provided by a nurse, in many ways, may be a game changer for patients during their recovery.

In this discussion, I sit down and chat with a 25-year career nurse Amani Elghoroury, who provides her insights to the approach she brings to bear at all her patients’ bedsides.

A woman of medicine and faith, this super nurse understands the assignment for her is more than just providing medications while accompanying her patients on their cancer journey.


  • “You see patients at their most difficult time. They’re allowing you to come in to help them and take care of them and help guide them in whatever it is that they need.”
  • “It’s nice to be there for them [cancer patients], and they allow you in that you can assist them as being a nurse.”
  • “There are several kinds of ways of nursing. You can just go in, pass the pill, hang the drug, hello and goodbye, cut and dry; that’s not necessarily very nice.”
  • “When I’m in there with you [a patient], you’re my number one. So, the journey is not just about doing the job as a nurse, but making that patient feel secure and safe.”

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