Addressing Mental Health May Require a Team Approach – Episode 380

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Featuring: Sylvia Jones

Published: August 19, 2023

Sometimes looking at the man or woman in the mirror requires help from others.

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Show Notes:

Mental health may be the health care challenge of our day as it continues to rise to the surface for many people, including those in the cancer community.

My continued conversation with two-time breast cancer patient, dentist, and pastor’s wife, Sylvia Jones, brought to the forefront the importance of anyone taking a close look at their mental health.

In this discussion, Sylvia candidly discusses her path and process of addressing any elements in her life that may have compromised her pursuit of overall healing and wellness even as a cancer patient.

Push play now and listen to this audacious conversation of a woman who deployed a team of individuals to help her find mental and emotional equilibrium for her life.


  • “Ask yourself this question, ‘Am I important?’”
  • “Assess yourself. Be real with yourself and love you.”
  • “Get to the root of the thing.”

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