As a Health Care Clinician, Cancer Made Me a Client – Episode 382

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Featuring: Dr. Steve Benson

Published: September 2, 2023

As a clinician, my role switched when diagnosed with cancer.

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Show Notes:

Clinical mental health counselor and stage III colon cancer patient Dr. Steve Benson contacted me to see if I was interested in his cancer story. From the moment I spoke with him, it was clear that his was a different cancer journey that many needed to hear about.

Our conversation centered around the humbling experience of being someone who was accustomed to providing mental health services to others now needing clinical attention for himself.

“I was 50 and I did the regular colonoscopy,” he says. “My doctor couldn’t do the colonoscopy because he said I had a mass and said, ‘It’s big and we need to get you to a doctor ASAP.’”

Push play now and hear this compelling conversation around the difficult, but not impossible, cancer journey of one who ultimately believes, “I am God’s beloved, and He won’t let me go.”


  • “It was almost like I was going, ‘No, no, no, no. Not cancer.’”
  • “I never wanted to utter the word ‘cancer.’ I didn’t even say it to my wife. I didn’t even say it to myself because my dad died of bone cancer.”
  • “We’re gonna try and contain all this, but if any of this gets out, you’re terminal.”