Understanding the Basics of Prostate Cancer – Episode 383

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Featuring: Dr. Bamidele Adesunloye

Published: September 9, 2023

Men, can we talk about prostate cancer?

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Show Notes:

In observance of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, commemorated in September, I spoke with Surgical Oncologist Dr. Bamidele Adesunloye, who has practiced medicine at City of Hope Atlanta since 2019, to discuss prostate cancer basics.

This discussion focused on understanding what prostate cancer is and how all men should be educated about it.

After hearing from this experienced and compassionate health care professional, you will gain a greater appreciation for the need to be informed about prostate cancer, which has one of the highest five-year survival rates among all cancers, especially when caught early.

Push play now to hear this insightful discussion that will elevate you—or the man in your life—and offer a better understanding about all things related to prostate cancer.


  • “PSA (blood draw) is the prostatic specific antigen.”
  • “The PSA is still kind of your standard screening that you can take.”
  • “You’re supposed to do this test [PSA blood draw] about one to two years.”
  • “Treatment [for prostate cancer] depends on the stage of the disease.”

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