What’s Going on with Black Men and the Prostate Cancer Community? – Episode 384

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Featuring: Dr. Kimlin Ashing, James Morrison, Rev. John McCall

Published: September 16, 2023

Looking at prostate cancer disparities and black men.

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Show Notes:

With Prostate Cancer Awareness Month upon us during the month of September, I sat down with three Southern California community leaders and educators to discuss the importance of informing and empowering black men about prostate cancer disparities.

One of the guests featured, Dr. Kimlin Ashing, Professor of Beckman Research Institute at City of Hope, provides leadership with Inclusive Cancer Care Research Equity, a community outreach that helps to bring awareness to disparities in prostate cancer cases and deaths among black men.


  • “So the iCCaRE consortium is really focused with all of our partners, including City of Hope, to address the needs at the point of diagnosis throughout the treatment experience.”
  • “Our project is focusing on survivorship care.”
  • “We need to address the systemic barriers that men face.”

Learn More:

  • Inclusive Cancer Care Research Equity (iCCaRE) consortium contact information:
    • Dr. Kimlin Ashing, PhD (Founding Director of the Center of Community Alliance for Research and Education): kashing@coh.org
    • James Morrison, MPH (Project coordinator): jmorrison@coh.org
    • Rev. John McCall, LCSW (Community Principal Investigator): jmccall@dveal.org