What I Learned on the Path of Suffering – Episode 385

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Featuring: Dr. Steve Benson

Published: September 23, 2023

Can pain and suffering through sickness facilitate personal maturity?

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Show Notes:

I return for a second conversation with Clinical Mental Health Counselor, stage III colorectal cancer patient, and 50-year-old father of two, Dr. Steve Benson.

During his cancer journey, Dr. Benson experienced mental, emotional, and physical suffering during his marathon with colorectal cancer, from seeing bloody fecal matter, to having his cancer metastasize to his lymph nodes, to enduring severe fatigue and so-called chemo brain.

From all the hardships Steve has experienced, he offers his perspective of why a loving God would allow those whom He cares for to suffer. In this conversation we discuss his theological beliefs regarding the path and purpose of suffering.

Listen now to someone who, despite having very difficult moments as a cancer patient, expresses why he believes he is God’s beloved.


  • “One of the things that I really wrestled with in my own personal [cancer] journey was the fact of powerlessness.”
  • “There was no choice. It was, I need to do this [enter treatment], or I potentially die.”
  • “I had got the chemo and I told my doctor that I don’t think I can do chemo. And he said, ‘Your body is saying, “I’m, I’m done.”’”