Cancer Made Us Partners for a Higher Calling – Episode 386

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Featuring: Kimberly Airhart / Andea Sisler

Published: September 30, 2023

Your suffering can be someone else’s blessing.

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Show Notes:

I had the privilege to sit down and talk with ovarian cancer patients Kimberly Airhart and Andrea Sisler, who met while on their individual cancer journeys and ultimately become cohorts with a not-for-profit foundation called Harts of Teal.

We discuss the reach, scope and vision of their amazing organization. “We exist to basically help a woman who doesn’t think that she’s at risk understand the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer,” Kimberly says.

Push play now to hear the story of the serendipitous convergence of two women fighting the same disease who now helps thousands of women across the country.


  • “When I was first diagnosed, I prayed and asked God to bring somebody that had walked this walk.”
  • “You can get all discouraged. And so, I think it [Harts of Teal foundation] just shrinks that world down to have other women that are walking through this with you.”
  • “We have different Teal sisters; it’s a club that we never wanted to be in, but if you’re gonna have to be in it, then you might as well find some ladies to walk through with you.”

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