Your Brain Is an Organ That Requires Care – Episode 388

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Featuring: Sheena Hill-Dilla

Published: October 14, 2023

Don’t ignore your brain; it requires your attention.

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Show Notes:

As we are all aware, the conversation of mental health is now front and center of much public discourse today.

I recently had the amazing privilege of sitting down with Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Sheena Hill-Dilla who has worked at City of Hope Phoenix serving cancer patients for 11 years.

Our discussion broached the topic of the mental health of a cancer patient and what everyone should know and understand about this dynamic.

“Mental health is so important in a cancer diagnosis, and it’s so important that we have that support for [cancer patients],” she says.

This conversation may help us better understand that our brain is an organ that must be given attention, particularly when one is experiencing distress and anxiety.

Push play now and listen to this mental health provider unpack the vital need for mental health education and support in the cancer community.


  • “I incorporate supportive psychotherapy with my visits …”
  • “Mental health is huge in cancer diagnosis.”
  • “[According to the National Cancer Institute] one in three people with cancer experience mental or emotional distress.”

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