Breast Cancer Facts – Episode 389

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Featuring: Dr. Veronica Jones

Published: October 21, 2023

Important information to know about breast cancer.

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Show Notes:

With nearly 300,000 cases of breast cancer diagnosed every year, there’s a good chance that most people know someone who has been impacted by the disease. So, as we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, I sat down with Dr. Veronica Jones to discuss the basics of the disease, which is second only to lung cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths in women.

This conversation will provide important information about this disease, including understanding the different types of breast cancer and some of the associated factors that may increase your risk of getting this disease.

Dr. Jones’ expertise and knowledge on this topic will provide important insights intended to educate and encourage you or someone you love to exercise due diligence regarding your breast health.


  • “It is super important for everyone to be empowered to know their risk for getting breast cancer.”
  • “We will base all of our treatment recommendations on the type of breast cancer that someone has.”
  • “There have been a lot of advances in cancer treatment. We know a lot more today than we’ve ever known in the history of medicine.”

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