Progress Is Being Made with Treatment of Breast Cancer – Episode 390

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Featuring: Dr. Veronica Jones

Published: October 28, 2023

The future of breast cancer treatment is hopeful.

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Show Notes:

As we continue to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, I sit back down with Dr. Veronica Jones, Chief of the Division of Breast Surgery at City of Hope.

The focus of this conversation highlights current breast cancer treatment options as well as exciting new treatment pathways coming down the pipeline.

Dr. Jones shares her love and passion for her medical research, her empowerment derived from her personal faith as a pastor’s wife, and her motivation for becoming an oncologist.

With highly trained and committed medical researchers and surgeons such as Dr. Jones, the fight against breast cancer continues to move forward with innovative and promising diagnostic and treatment technologies.


  • “One of the reasons I went into breast cancer was because of the research.”
  • “It’s amazing. I mean, how quickly the field moves and how advances are taking off and really changing outcomes radically for patients.”
  • “There are advances going on in every lane that we use to treat breast cancer.”
  • “The American Cancer Society has projected that the mortality rate from breast cancer alone has gone down by over 40 percent.”

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