Your Brain Needs Physical Therapy – Episode 391

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Featuring: Sheena Hill-Dilla

Published: November 4, 2023

What happens to our brain during sickness and disease.

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Show Notes:

Sheena Hill-Dilla, an 11-year staff member and psychiatric nurse practitioner at City of Hope Phoenix, returns behind the microphone to delve further into the important topic of mental health in the cancer community.

As we continue our discussion, Sheena and I reach further into the understanding that our brains are organs that, like our joints and muscles, may require therapy to promote health and wellness. Still, due to the social stigma around the topic of mental health, especially in some faith communities, many may not be addressing this important area while in pursuit of overall health and wellness.

Listen now as Sheena reminds us that “our brain is so important. It’s an organ that requires loving care.”


  • “Some [cancer patients] have preexisting mental health conditions, and some are like, ‘Okay, well, you know, I did good; I did therapy. Everything was controlled.’”
  • “Some [cancer patients] are not on any medication. And then comes a cancer diagnosis, and it’s exacerbated. And now they have symptoms of depression, of anxiety.”
  • “Psychiatric is such a sensitive topic for many, and I do have quite a few patients that have this skepticism.”

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