It Just Didn’t Seem Like the Right Answer – Episode 392

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Featuring: Kimberly Airhart

Published: November 11, 2023

I wouldn’t be here if I did not insist on getting a scan.

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Show Notes:

I’m always enlightened and educated by hearing a cancer patient’s backstory and how they journeyed through the storm of treatment and recovery. That certainly was the case when I was joined in the HHI studio by ovarian cancer patient Kimberly Airhart, who was treated at City of Hope Atlanta.

Kimberly was diagnosed in February 2020 and at the time of our interview had no evidence of disease. A young mother of small children when she was diagnosed, Kimberly had to work through a wide range of emotions during her cancer journey. From feeling uneasy at first with her medical assessment to her motivation to start a cancer foundation after her treatment, Kimberly’s story will encourage and inspire you.

Click play now to listen to this amazing cancer conqueror. You’ll be glad you did.


  • “[When originally diagnosed] I felt numb. I literally felt this heat feeling come down over me all the way, starting at my head and down through my shoulders, like painful crippling anxiety, just fear, not wanting to die, being afraid of leaving my kids.”
  • “I think you have to trust your gut that there’s something wrong with you. I mean, you know your body better than anyone else.”
  • “[In starting her cancer foundation] I felt like I was doing something to help other women. It was in turn helping me.”

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