I Adopted a Little Girl and Then Cancer Showed Up – Episode 395

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Featuring: Heather Salazar

Published: December 2, 2023

Having cancer motivated me to help other cancer patients.

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Show Notes:

I sat down with breast cancer survivor Heather Salazar, who was diagnosed in 2005, to discuss her 18-year cancer journey. Heather, who underwent surgery and received aggressive chemotherapy and immunotherapy, discusses the intersecting emotions of adopting a child then being diagnosed with cancer soon after.

A career social worker, whose heart’s desire is to solve generational poverty, Heather provides amazing insights to a most serendipitous personal encounter with her adopted daughter’s birth mother, which helped shift the trajectory of her personal mission to help others.

You will also hear how Heather’s can-do spirit and cancer journey activated her mission to start her own nonprofit organization PRG, or Pink Ribbon Good, where she is CEO and President. This amazing organization touches countless numbers of lives and at the time of this recording has provided about 27,000 healthy meals and rides to treatments and housecleaning support to families stricken with cancer.

Click the play button now to hear this amazing cancer survivor’s story of early disbelief to engaged deployment.


  • “The doctor said to me, ‘I’m so sorry, but it’s positive [cancer].’ And I said, positive for what?”
  • “I was like, this can’t be happening. I’m too young [31 years old]. And I just fell to the floor and my knees just buckled.”
  • “I was just completely terrified.”
  • “I didn’t know young women could get breast cancer.”

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