My Cancer Is Never Going Away – Episode 396

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Featuring: Ed Easton

Published: December 9, 2023

The rest of my life with cancer can last a really long time.

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Show Notes:

I’ve met, supported, and interviewed many cancer patients over my almost three decades in the cancer community and I’m always amazed at the unique backstories of those who are members of this unwelcomed fraternity. Such is the case with Ed Easton, who was diagnosed with an incurable form of myeloid leukemia in 2015. Ed currently receives oral chemotherapy every day, pain management as required, and supportive care services to manage the symptoms of his disease and the side effects of treatments.

In this discussion, Ed and I will talk about his path of living with an incurable disease and how he has been able to maintain a mental and emotional equilibrium that allows him to live one day at a time with renewed energy and focus.

“When I was diagnosed, like something came out of nowhere, out of the universe when I needed it the most,” he says.

Ed’s transparent discourse about this manageable disease will move and enlighten you.


  • “They [my doctors] told me that I’m going to be dealing with this [cancer] for the rest of my life.”
  • “When they said it was cancer, that’s when the point was where I said, ‘All right, I’m gonna fight this beast, or I’m not. Those are my two choices.’”
  • “It [having incurable cancer] opened my eyes to what’s important.”

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