Being a Caregiver for Someone with Incurable Cancer Is Not Easy – Episode 397

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Featuring: Alisha Easton

Published: December 16, 2023

All the cards are on the table and there’s no changing this situation.

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Show Notes:

Being a cancer caregiver is a tough job. But being a caregiver to one who has an incurable or chronic cancer may be even tougher.

Today my podcast pilgrimage takes place with Alisha Easton, who is the wife and caregiver of myeloid leukemia patient Ed Easton. In my many years of spending time with cancer caregivers, one thing I know for sure is they are never truly prepared for the journey before them and must be nimble, agile, and resilient to answer the call.

In this discussion you will hear up close and personal realities of struggle and determination from this amazing caregiver who accepted the challenge in a very difficult situation. Alisha’s candor and vulnerability provide snapshots of her and her husband’s journey and their struggles to keep all together while living day to day.

Press play now to get an unfiltered look at the day of a cancer caregiver.


  • “Cancer, not my friend, but then I was mistakenly diagnosed with the same kind of cancer my husband has.”
  • “We [she and her husband] come from totally different backgrounds. We have totally different ways of doing things.”
  • “Being able to be empathetic and listen and not go, ‘I know what I’m talking about,’ because yeah, that might work for me, but it doesn’t work for him [her husband].”
  • “To be a caregiver means that you have to be a good listener. And I know, depending on personality types, caregivers can be type A personalities where they want to be doers … “