Cancer Taught Me How to Fight Back – Episode 399

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Featuring: Tiffany Jones

Published: December 30, 2023

I want everything back that cancer took from me.

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Show Notes:

Joining me in the HHI studios is stage III breast cancer patient, motivational speaker, mother of two, and author, Tiffany Jones, who was diagnosed on January 6, 2012 and is still in treatment at City of Hope Cancer Center Atlanta.

Tiffany’s story hinges on her evolution from being in a very negative place to finding the strength to rise from despair to empowerment and fight back against cancer.

“I was just out of it and I didn’t have any hope and I cried to my mother,” she says. “And my mother spoke to me and said, ‘Girl, we going to fight this thing.’”

Today, Tiffany is sharing her story wherever women are willing to listen. “My motivation is everything that cancer took from me, I want it all back,” she says.

Listen now to be encouraged by this cancer fighter.


  • “I felt like my life was out of control. I wondered if I was going to live or die. Who’s going to take care of my son, Elijah?”
  • “I went through so many emotions from sadness, fear, shock. I was dealing with low self-esteem. I was angry with the world.”
  • “Sometimes you have to encourage and motivate yourself and speak things—good things—over your life and fight back. See, my motivation is everything cancer took from me, I want it all back.”

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