About Rev. McCray

Rev. Percy McCray Jr.

Rev. Percy McCray Jr. has spent more than 20 years ministering to cancer patients and their caregivers at City of Hope. He recognizes cancer care ministry as a special calling from God and considers faith a key, but often overlooked, component of cancer treatment.

His engaging personality and deep passion for pastoral care ministry has made Rev. McCray a favorite among patients, pastors and his podcast audience.

He now serves as the National Director of Specialized Outreach at City of Hope and provides leadership to the spiritual support teams at City of Hope hospitals in Atlanta, Arizona, and Chicago. In addition, Rev. McCray oversees Our Journey of Hope®, a nationwide cancer care ministry training and support program.

An ordained minister, Rev. McCray has been featured on the 700 club, Moody Bible radio, and Abide Meditations radio. He has been recognized as one of the “most influential African Americans in Lake County (IL)” by the People’s Voice newspaper for his religious and leadership roles within the community.

“Over the past two decades working at City of Hope, I have learned that faith and medical science are not mutually exclusive of one another. Good health involves the body, mind and spirit. When the best in clinical science is combined with integrative care, wrapped in faith and approached from a balanced perspective, the results can be synergistic. Albert Einstein summarized it this way: ‘Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.’ ”

Rev. Percy McCray