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From the first biblical accounts to the latest medical breakthroughs, we see signs that good nutrition can help fuel the body for healthy living. According to the National Cancer Institute*, a healthy diet also supports the body while it fights cancer and recovers from treatment.

Whether you are cooking for yourself or preparing a meal for a loved one, the right recipe can lift your spirits and fortify the body with key nutrients.

This is why Health, Hope & Inspiration created the downloadable resource, Cancer Fighting Recipes.  It lists many recipes that contain immune system boosting ingredients.

Health, Hope & Inspiration is a weekly podcast created by Cancer Treatment Centers of America to help people find answers to questions about cancer, cancer prevention and overall healthy living.  When you subscribe to receive our podcast via email we will send you Cancer Fighting Recipes at no cost.

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DISCLAIMER: It is the position of CTCA that there is no scientific evidence to support nutrition modification alone can prevent or cure Cancer; it is merely one of several ways to potentially reduce risk of developing cancer or side effects and maintenance of  quality of life during cancer treatment, and there is still much to learn about nutrition’s overall effectiveness.


Cancer Fighting Recipes