What to Expect When Diagnosed with Cancer – November 25, 2017

What to Expect When Diagnosed with Cancer

Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd

When a person finds out they have cancer, it can present many changes for them and their loved ones. The hosts of Health, Hope & Inspiration discuss common questions and emotions that can accompany a cancer diagnosis, and how to work through fears and concerns in practical, positive manner.


My Cancer Journey – Part 1B – November 18, 2017

My Cancer Journey – Part 1B

Featuring: Jerry Rose

Christian television personality and cancer survivor Jerry Rose continues his discussion with the hosts of Health, Hope and Inspiration about how his experience with cancer caused him to refocus his priorities and helped to clear a path for him to walk his calling differently.


My Cancer Journey – Part 1A – November 11, 2017

My Cancer Journey – Part 1A

Featuring: Jerry Rose

Running a successful Christian television network, broadcast veteran Jerry Rose was at the top of his game until two bouts with cancer changed the trajectory of his life. Listen to Jerry’s deeply personal story of how cancer brought clarity to what is most important.


Our Emotional Journey – November 2, 2017

Our Emotional Journey

Featuring: Al & Dee Peart

Three-time breast cancer survivor Dee Peart, and her husband/caregiver, Al, share their experiences about how cancer not only changed their lives and those around them, but how each experience afforded them an opportunity to support others on the cancer journey.