Protect Your Marriage from Cancer – Episode 208

Protect Your Marriage from Cancer

Featuring: Myles Weiss

Published: March 21, 2020

Myles Weiss, a licensed marriage and family therapist with 27 years of experience, speaks about the impact cancer may have on marriages. He also shares three ways couples can grow together as they journey through cancer.

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Resources: CLICK HERE to download this week’s resource: “How Cancer Impacts Relationships

Compassion That Compels – January 13, 2018

Compassion That Compels

Featuring: Kristianne Stewart

When Kristianne Stewart’s sister-in-law was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, a simple letter of forgiveness would birth a ministry of compassion. Now Kristianne leads “Compassion That Compels,” a worldwide ministry which has impacted thousands of women who have been diagnosed with cancer.

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