Is Cancer God’s Punishment for Sin? – Episode 113

Is Cancer God’s Punishment for Sin?

Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd

Published: May 26, 2018

The hosts of Health, Hope & Inspiration tackle a difficult but common question sometimes asked by people who are diagnosed with cancer: “Am I being punished by God?” The hosts discuss the roots of the question and offer alternative viewpoints within the framework of Scripture.

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Give Me Strength – April 7, 2018

Give Me Strength

Featuring: Rose Sajuan

When a routine mammogram revealed breast cancer, Rose Sajuan, a loving grandmother deeply entrenched in her Hispanic faith community, was inspired by her diagnosis not to be “Bitter” but to be “Better” by lowering the wall of silence among women, especially Latinas, with a message of “spiritual strength” in the midst of feeling like “her world was about to cave in!”

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Resources: Click here to download this weeks resource: “4 Things Every Cancer Patient Must Do